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Droid Remote

Tired of using the classic IR remote or want to control the lights/fan/AC in your bed room from your Smartphone ? Okay, “Droid Remote” is a perfect Android App for you. This Project elaborate in detail; how to make electrical appliances accessible via your Smart phone/Tablet.


IR Remote

I really don’t like to getup from the bed and go to the switch board to change the fan speed or to switch the dim light ON/OFF. It’s irritating and ruins my sleep in a short time. Neither I like to place my cellphone near my bed during sleep (as an engineer I know, how dangerous it could be. If you can you should follow this) that I can us the “Droid Remote”. Now, the classic IR remote is the best choice. So let’s make a project to switch electrical loads from a cheap IR remote.

IoH-  Internet of Homes

So we can control our electrical loads from IR remote or from our smart phone. How about controlling them from any part of this world? Sounds interesting? No? We will need an active internet connection and a small circuit as before which will switch the electrical loads for us. By proper configuration of the router, you can control the loads from any PC or Mobile browser.

My Smart Garden

I am nature lover and likes greenery all around. Hence, have some pots in my balcony. I used to take their utmost care. But during any vacation, trip they becomes alone and I have lost many of them due to irregular watering. This project is totally dedicated to my nano-garden. It enables an gardner to configure in such a way that it will irrigate the plants for any number of predefined times for a pre defined amount. Keep your plants Happy…

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