Sujit Nayak


More than an engineer I am a hobbyist designer. From the very beginning I was quite interested in technology – more on electronics. Developing something interesting and helping others to succeed in their innovation was the driving force behind the publication of this blog site.

Primary Skills
  • Embedded System Design
  • Keil, Atmel Studio, CodeVisionAVR, mikroC, CCS, Arduino IDE
  • LabView, Altium, Proteus, Eagle, LTSpice
  • Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal Circuit Design
My Work Process

Experimenting with some new devices can be either frustrating, funny or amazing. But in all cases you will get something new to know.

Normally I used to take up few things at a time and try to finish them as quickly as possible. If encountered some problem in between, I used to leave the setup and involves in a different assignment. But deep in the mind, I used to continuously think for the solution of the problem. Once I get some clue, I used to go back to the first assignment and try to implement the idea. This process continues many times giving a fruitful outcome at the last.

When I start thinking for something, I start with a sketch, steps and time line. I used to note down the resources involved which will be required and the new skills I need to develop for completing it and the process starts by developing the required skills.


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